A Self-Guided Training Challenge From Tony Laidig!
This Special Offer Ends In...
“Imagine the Satisfaction of Knowing You Finally
Wrote, Illustrated, Published and Made Sales
for Your First (or Next) Kid’s Book!”
Let’s Make That Happen Together!
The Children's Book market offers an amazing and special opportunity to us to share guidance, instill wisdom, impart knowledge and encourage wonder for children of all ages and cultures. These foundational times of discover are so vital to the health and growth of these moldable little ones, and with today's advances in publishing technology, it's so much easier for us to play a role in nurturing and educating children through our OWN books!
“Children’s Books Are No Longer Reserved
Just for Famous Authors With Deep Pockets!
Anyone Can Publish a Successful Children’s Book!”

It's absolutely true that ANYONE...including YOU...can publish successful kid's books! The “secret” is in understanding HOW to publish them!

There are a number of important steps you must follow to create and publish your own kid's book:
  • Develop and Write Your Story.
  • Plan the Illustrations for Your Story.
  • Create Your Illustrations.
  • Design and Lay Out Your Book.
  • Publish Your Book Traditionally or On-Demand.
  • Market and Sell Your Book.
It sounds like a LOT...and it is...but with knowledgable, step-by-step guidance, YOU can do it, and repeat the process, over and over again!
“Help Is Here...That’s Where I Come In!”
I realized that chances are that all you really need to finally finish your own children's book is for someone to guide you through the entire process, step-by-step. And what better way to experience that process than to go through it with others who also desire to publish children's books!

To that end, I'm offering you a challenge...a Self-Guided Challenge to be exact. It's called “The Kid's Book Self-Guided Challenge” and here is how it works...

Over the course of 6 Live-Taught Modules, we cover the entire process for creating and publishing a kid's book. And as your teacher and facilitator, I ALSO go through the entire process WITH YOU to create my OWN kid's book...teaching by example. 

Your journey through the Challenge includes:

Module One - Story Planning and Writing
Module Two - Illustration Planning
Module Three - Illustration Creation
Module Four - Book Design and Layout
Module Five - Publishing Your Book
Module Six - Pre-Sell and Marketing
Slides for All 6 Modules!

I have ALSO included three additional video trainings as a BONUS:

BONUS: Supplemental Video Training
Hiring Artists For Your Projects
New Illustration Tools, Part 1
New Illustration Tools, Part 2

BONUS: Dedicated Facebook Group
Not sure what to write? I offer solutions for your writer's block.

Not artistically inclined? You'll discover several easy methods for creating your illustrations.

Don't know how to lay out a book? I've been doing it for 25 years...I'll show you the easiest ways.

Never published a book before? We will go through the process step-by-step!
Over the course of the self-guided challenge, we cover
everything you need to plan, write, illustrate, design,
publish and market your own kid's book! 
Will YOU Accept the Kid’s Book Challenge?
Your Special, Limited-Time Offer...
Your investment for the Kid's Book Self-Guided Challenge is normally just $197 total! When you consider that hiring a professional illustrator will cost an average of $300 - $500 or more per ILLUSTRATION, plus hiring a professional graphic designer to design and lay out your book...easily $50 - $75 per PAGE...the cost is very nominal. Plus, you get ME...a 25-year graphic design professional, expert teacher and publisher who knows his stuff!

However, for a limited time, I'm offering a special, "let's do this" price of only...
$197 $97
(A $100 Savings...)
Join the Kid’s Book Self-Guided Challenge Today...Only $97!  LIMITED TIME!
  • ALL 6 Modules of Kid's Challenge Video Training.
  •  Slides PDF for All 6 Modules.
  • BONUS: Additional Supplemental Video Trainings.
  • Dedicated Facebook Group.
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